Sorbo Extension Poles
We offer three sizes, including one that can reach fourth floor windows*
Shortest but not least, the 8-foot extension pole works great with our Eliminator™ line of extra-long squeegees. It gives you a longer reach, more leverage and you're less likely to tweak your back. Item No. 1386
If you’re a high-intensity, high-torque window cleaner, check out our California Dream © Our PitbullGrip lock ensures nothing comes loose when you let loose. Item No. 1387
If you’re doing a lot of two-storey structures, you can’t be without a 14 footer Item No. 1388
For doing truly monstrous window-cleaning jobs all the way up to the 4th floor check out our fearsomely awesome Item No. 1389
Small plastic cone #1391
Large Plastic Cone #1392
#1395 Jam-proof End Tip
14-foot Three Section Extension Pole Item No. 1388
California Dream Extension Pole Item No. 1387
8-foot Two Section Extension Pole Item No. 1386