At only 12 lbs. (5.45kg.) full length, our Monster Pole™ is the lightest 40-ft. pole available. Its drawn aluminum tubing construction, and its improved design, makes it the most rigid 40 ft. pole on the market. In fact it’s also the longest on the market. In a departure from the traditional Christmas Tree design, we made the three middle sections (where it bends most) out of larger diameter tubing to resist bending. The top and bottom sections are tapered down. The lower two sections are telescoping so the pole can be quickly shortened or extended by 6 ft. (2 meters). Cast aluminum locks hold the two bottom sections securely in place. For a more dramatic change, the middle sections can be added or removed via a wingnut at each joint.
*Fourth floor windows can only be done using our 3X4 line of squeegees. Their unique design allows reduction of the squeegeeing pressure required. Which makes it possible to use longer extension poles than ever before
Sörbo Monster Pole
Clean fourth-floor windows without leaving the ground
for professional use only
Like all of our products, we love the Monster Pole But due to extremely low demand, we finally had to discontinue The Sorbo Monster Pole. Apologies to those who love it as much as we do