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The LEDGOMATIC was developed to clean deep-set windows with an extension pole. Made
for 12" ledges, but is available by special order, for up to 2-foot deep ledges. It is adjustable for
different angles. It's designed so the squeegee completes the downstroke as the wheel touches the
bottom ledge so it cleans the glass all the way to the bottom. We recommend that the squeegee
rubber be moved out to the second slot of the Sörbo 3x4 Channel for best results. Squeegees up to
to 36" can be used with the LEDGOMATIC. It can also be used from the roof, for those windows
beyond the reach of our 40 foot/12m Sörbo Monster Pole.

-----LEDGOMATIC Instructions ------

Fig. 1.--Handle assembly in position to clean 12" deep ledges from the factory. For deeper
ledges, unscrew Allen screw and move handle forward to the next three holes as
needed (Allen wrench included). Handle can be rotated 360 degrees by unscrewing
plastic wing knob. Swivel handle swivels 90 degrees from left to right.


Fig. 2.--The perfect starting angle is correctly adjusted by unscrewing the brass screw
and repositioning it between #1 to #5 as needed.

There is no need to risk your life and limb on a shaky ladder when the Sorbo Monster Pole
lets you reach windows up to the fourth floor. With the Ledgomatic you can even clean deep-
set windows without ever leaving the ground.

Factory setting

Fig. 3.Close-up of angle adjustment.


Top Stroke

Fig. 4.The perfect starting angle when cleaning a vertical window with an overhang.

Ledgomatic bottom stroke

Fig. 5.--As the Ledgomatic kicker wheel touches the bottom ledge the squeegee continues its downward stroke to clean the glass all the way to the bottom. It's very important to insert the rubber blade into the second slot of your Sörbo 3X4
Adjustable Squeegee to give it more flexibility. With longer sizes, it might
be better to place the rubber blade in the third slot.

* Our silicon rubber is more resilient and flexible. It is better suited to making the
extraordinarily sharp turn at the bottom of the stroke.

**Expect to use more force as the wheel comes in contact with the ledge and the rubber
blade presses more tightly against the glass for a clean finish.

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